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If you’ve done any local searches lately you might have noticed that Google is reserving the top results for their own products, the Google Knowledge Panel. These panels are awesome for the user, not so much for your website traffic.

When your business shows up in the knowledge panel there is almost no reason to continue on to your website. The would-have-been visitor can see:

  • Location (map)
  • Reputation (reviews)
  • Contact (clickable phone number)
  • Hours
  • Photos  inside and out
  • Menus
  • Appointments
  • The searcher can leave a review or suggest an edit of your business listing!

The good news is that you can control a lot of the information that Google includes in the knowledge panel. Updates with Posts and Photos will keep your KP fresh and relevant.

Sign up for Google MyBusiness

Using your Google account go to and click Start now at the top right corner. Follow the sign up wizard through the verification process.

Tip: Sign up for the right category!

Once you control your listing you can manage it from the link or by doing a search for your business name (not your domain name).

Traffic and Measuring Success

If your website traffic is actually affected because the knowledge panel is successful you’ll need to have a new metric to know if your online presence is bringing in new business. Luckily Google MyBusiness will give you that information on their Insights page.

Some of the important interesting information available includes types of search, queries used, actions taken, directions request, and phone calls.

If Google is a new destination make sure you give searchers a reason and an opportunity to convert and become your customer. You’ll only lose them if you don’t reach out.

More info:

Add or claim your business listing
Google My Business Help Center

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Taking Full Control of Your Google Knowledge Panels
by Miriam Ellis, MOZ







Published On: October 30th, 2018 /

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