I have the best clients in the world. My portfolio features some of my favorite websites. These are just a few of the sites I’ve been privileged to work on over the past 20 years. I have built sites for clients across North America, Australia, and Great Britain. Most of my clients are based right here in Alaska bringing Alaskan businesses and organizations to a worldwide audience.

  • Alaska Legends

    Alaska Legends

  • Rural Alaska Fuel Services

    Rural Alaska Fuel Services

  • Alkeme Santa Fe

    Alkeme Santa-Fe

  • Culinary Escapades

    Culinary Escapades

  • Alaska QiGong Energy Healing

    Alaska QiGong Energy Healing

  • Open Kitchen Events

    Open Kitchen Events

  • Grandma's Sunday Dinner

    Grandma’s Sunday Dinner

  • Team Alaska 2023

    Team Alaska 2023

  • Alaska's Fair Share

    Alaska’s Fair Share

  • Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

    Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

  • Fox Run Lodge

    Fox Bay Lodge

  • Margery Ginsberg Author, Educator, Educational Consultant

    Margery Ginsberg

  • Amy Cotting, Art

    Amy Cotting Art

  • Alaska Legion Riders

    Alaska Legion Riders

  • Camille Conte

    Camille Conte

  • Massage Now Alaska

    Massage Now Alaska

  • American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Alaska

    American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Alaska

  • American Legion, Department of Alaska

    American Legion Department of Alaska

  • Alaska Dinner Factory

    Alaska Dinner Factory

  • Tom Walker Photographer

    Tom Walker Photographer

  • Pudge Kleinkauf

    Pudge Kleinkauf

  • Thomson Turbine Governors

    Thomson Turbine Governors