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What My Clients Say …

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It’s my job to make you look good!
Working with my clients to develop the perfect website for their business or organization has been challenging and rewarding. I’ve been very lucky to work with interesting people on fascinating projects. Some businesses have closed. Some clients have passed. Some have needed a different solution to their online presence. And many are still working with me after all these years. Successful websites require more than random luck to work. I’ve always told my clients it is ‘my job to make you look good’.

A few testimonials from my clients …

The Camille Conte Show

Jo, You F**king Rock! There are no words left to express to you how grateful I am."

Camille Conte

Alaska Institute

"This is so exciting - I really like the way it's turning out!"

Cynthia McMullin

The Blocc Network

"Absolutely recommend!!!"

Calvin Miller

Sundog Ventures

"Thanks Jo Marie!  You are awesome!!!"

Jimmie Jack Drath

Berta Gardner for State Senate

"It's looking good - love the way you took the photos and transferred the content - it would have been just fine if you'd posted the pdf's, but this looks good!"

Michelle Meyer Campaign Manager

Public Advocate Alaska

"It's looking fantastic! You made industrial look sexy."

Michelle Meyer

Public Advocate Alaska

"JoMarie, I'm going to copy one of your clients lines, BRAVO, its everthing I had hoped for and more. Thanks."

Jack Veit

Ascension Physical Therapy

"I think it looks great! We have been receiving good feed back  on the web site. Thank you."

Jill Brekken

Dale Blackford

"I really like what you've done to [the website] and I've gotten good feedback as well. It feels very bright. I like that."

Dale Blackford

Patricia Bastani

"Thanks! I just love the webpage. You are the best!"

Patricia Bastani

Robert Beedle For State House

"JoMarie, Thanks. What a great job."

Robert Beedle

Tom Walker Photography

"You're a genius!"

Tom Walker

The Clothesline Consignment

"Looks awesome! We really like it..."

Zulie Mason

Massage Now

"It's beautiful!"

Anna Reznick


"It looks fabulous."

Shannon Rothermel

From Ancient Times

"The websites are beautiful! I like the format with the center panel and the old photo of my great grandmother.  I love it! I'm excited!"

Sheila Randazzo

Professional Production Concepts

"We've done a great job with this effort. Thank you JoMarie for letting me market my services."

Camille Conte

First Congregational Church

"Hallelujah for the new Web page! It beats the old one, that's for sure. Congratulate our Web person!"


Dr. Pamela Hays

"I am so grateful to have found JoMarie Thomson! She does high quality work at a reasonable price. She is super-responsive to my questions and requests. And she stays on top of the latest developments to keep my website at the top. I recommend her highly!"

Pamela A. Hays, PhD

One Family Birth Center

"Oh yes and I think ITS REMARKABLE you really found a way to keep a natural feel with those bright colors. The logo stands out beautifully!"

Shauna Tieszen

Emma Jane Models

"JoMarie, once again BRAVO, it looks great! I love my website. You've captured exactly the look I want to project"

Jane Connolly

Peace of Selby Lodge

"The changes are a great improvement. The larger font is definitely better, also the page organization and slide show."

Damaris Mortvedt

Kodiak Wilderness

"The site is looking good! It really jumps out at you."

Katy Adkins

Bob Buch for State House

"Thanks JoMarie! This is great."

Bob Buch

The American Legion, Department of Alaska

"Thanks so much! You rule!"

Zak Basch Baseball Coordinator

The American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Alaska

"Thank you! You're the best! You are a gem!"

Lisa Williamson Department Sectretary

Revolution Sports Training

"I got a quick peek at it today and it looks great!! I knew I could be confident in referring him to you and that you would do a fabulous job."

Linnea Cummings

Revolution Sports Training

"JoMarie, it looks great! Thank you."

Clay Hamilton Partner

Harriet Drummond For State House

"JoMarie, it looks great! Thank you."

Harriet Drummond

Drs. O’Leary

"Thank you SO much. We're getting great feedback on the site and really appreciate both your hard work and your patience."

Julie Craddock O'Leary Partner

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