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Our Clients

We love to hear from our clients and they have been very generous in sharing their opinions and results.

"Thank you SO much! Totally appreciate your help...." - Julie Cradock O'Leary
"The home page is clean and crisp---really like. Very impressed with presentation and look of Home Page! Great work!!" - Judy Somers
"Wow! I love it - THANKS" - Amy Cotting
"Looks great. We’ll keep adding on to it." - Sam Combs
"Overall very good - I like the feel!! Thank you for getting that out so fast." - Patricia Baker
"I absolutely LOVE IT!" - TJ Presley
"Looks pretty good! I'm so delighted and I know he will be too. Right now, I'm a very happy camper." - Katherine Pfeiffer

"Our efforts on Aurora Park really paid off." - Patricia Baker

"The site looks great." - Ashley Zerhusen

"You guys are amazing :-)" - Amanda Mallott

"Very very cool."

- Lennon Bronsema
"LOVE the look!! It's great" - Jeanne Ashcraft
This website is dynamic and most websites are FLAT! You can use me for a reference anytime!!!!!! - Matt Moore
"Thanks to our wonderful  web designer, JoMarie Thomson, she created it in a very short time, and it is extremely user-friendly for me as webmaster.  Since I use the very same program for the Auxiliarys website, this was actually very simple. I love it..." - Lisa Williamson
"Seems to be looking pretty good! I like the middle with pictures and testimonials. Again looking good thank you." - Jerry Gibson
"Thank you. You've done a fantastic job on the website!" - Michael Markusen
"I really like it. Great work!" - John-Henry Heckendorn
"I had my business consultant look at the new website and it is SOOOOO much better!!! - Linda Vollertsen
"Jo, You F**king Rock! There are no words left to express to you how grateful I am." - Camille Conte
"Thanks Jo Marie!  You are awesome!!!" - Jimmie Jack Drath
"Absolutely recommend!!!" - Calvin Miller

"JoMarie, I'm going to copy one of your clients lines, BRAVO, its everthing I had hoped for and more. Thanks." - Jack Veit

"Its looking fantastic! You made industrial look sexy." - Michelle Meyer
"I think it looks great! We have been receiving good feed back from friends and family on the web site. Thank you." - Jill Brekken
"JoMarie, Thanks. What a great job." - Robert Beedle

"This is so exciting - I really like the way it's turning out!" - Cynthia McMullen

"It's beautiful!" - Anna Reznick
"Thanks! I just love the webpage. You are the best!" - Pat Bastani
"Thanks JoMarie! This is great." - Bob Buch
"It looks fabulous." - Shannon Rothermel

"The websites are beautiful! I like the format with the center panel and the old photo of my great grandmother.  I love it! I'm excited!" - Sheila Randazzo

"We've done a great job with this effort. Thank you JoMarie for letting me market my services." - Camille Conte

"Wow, it is looking great! Thanks, JoMarie. I really appreciate your expertise in this" - Dr. Pamela Hays

"This will be great!" - Claudia Knieffel

"Hallelujah for the new Web page! It beats the old one, that's for sure. Congratulate our Web person!" ~ C.R.
"Oh yes and I think ITS REMARKABLE you really found a way to keep a natural feel with those bright colors. The logo stands out beautifully!" - Shauna Tiezen
"JoMarie, I love it. It is just wonderful, all the girls at work like it also. I can't believe you did all this so fast and for such a reasonable price. "We are booked solid for 04 and half of 05. Internet business has picked up since your work on the site. Thanks," - Sandy Craig
"JoMarie, once again BRAVO, it looks great! I love my website. You've captured exactly the look I want to project" - Jane Connolly
"Thanks so much for this wonderful website - I can't wait to start my marketing campaign to show off the website." - Rikki Keene
"The site is looking good! It really jumps out at you." ~ Katy Adkins
"Thank you! You're the best! You are a gem!" -Lisa Williamson

"Looks great!" - Clay Hamilton, Revolution Sports Training

"I got a quick peek at it today and it looks great!! I knew I could be confident in referring him to you and that you would do a fabulous job." - Linnea Cummings

"I really like what you've done to [the website] and I've gotten good feedback as well. It feels very bright. I like that." - Dale Blackford
"JoMarie, it looks great! Thank you." - Harriet Drummond
"This has been one of the best, results oriented contractor experiences Ive ever had ... Thanks so much for the product." - Eleanor Andrews
"That looks beautiful ... I really like the softball for the O in cougars. Nice touch.. I love the color scheme, too." - Kelly Saloka
"Thanks so much JoMarie! Everyone is excited" ~ Michelle Meyer

"Those who want to stay more current with Legion matters, it wil be an asset. Very user friendly." - W.E. Gene Franks, Department Adjutant.

"Thanks so much! You rule!" - Zak Basch

This is just a note to tell you thank you for the work you did. I just love the way I can click on all the links on my phone.... weee... So a great big THANKS!!!!! ~ Diane
"We love it! IT IS SO HOT." - Shauna Tieszen
"Looking Great!" - Dana Sharrock
I love love LOVE the website. I am getting tons and tons of compliments from people on the website - I am very proud of it! Thank you! -Linnea Cummings
"Thanks, this is GREAT customer service!" - Tim Scheurch, C.E.O., Kikiktagruk Inupiat Corporation
"We are delighted. Thank you, JoMarie, we are really pleased with your work!"- Terry and Sandy Stimson
"It's looking good - love the way you took the photos and transferred the content - it would have been just fine if you'd posted the pdf's, but this looks good!" - Michelle Meyer
"Thank you SO much. We're getting great feedback on the site and really appreciate both your hard work and your patience." - Julie Craddock O'Leary

"Thanks so much!" - Lisa Frederic

"It looks good!" ~ Lisa Frederics

"This looks GREAT!!! I'm so excited!" ~ Melissa Breeland

"We are literally jumping for joy!  It looks A-A-A-A-MAZING!" - Debbie

"You are a genius and an angel. Big thanks!" - J

"Looks awesome! We really like it..." - Zulie Mason.

"What an awesome the new look!" - Debby

"It looks DIVINE -- I love it!" - Debby
"Hi JoMarie, I liked the look of Logistics' website so much, I went to see who designed it and came to your website. NICE JOB on theirs and yours!!" Stella Josephine, BUY ALASKA

"It looks fantastic! THANK YOU!" - Angel

"Thanks for all your help JoMarie! I'm sure you hear this often but you are "amazing"." - Lori"
"Hiring JoMarie was the best decision I could have ever made. After interviewing three different webmasters, her inate talent, her sincere dedication to my success and her vast knowledge of user habits has led me to the creation of several fabulous webistes. She's the best." - Camille Conte
"Well, hoo hah!! Looks great, and will just get better!! good job, JoMarie" - Mary LaFever
"The changes are a great improvement. The larger font is definitely better, also the page organization and slide show." - Damaris Mortvedt
"Again, thanks for everything." - Stu Nibeck
"I am very pleased with what you have done -especially with the information dump I did on you and little guidance." - Glenn Elison
"I'm so excited to get started with the new features! You've done a great job with the materials - everything makes sense." - Stacie Stevens
"You are the BOMB! I cannot say enough how impressed I am with your progress. You are going to make me look gooooooooooooooodddddddd" -Tanguy Libbrecht
"We would not have the increase in business that we've experienced this year without our wonderful website." - Dale Kelley

"The site looks fantastic! I am really pleased with the work you have done!" - Melissa Norris

"You are FAST!" - Linda Lockhart
"Thanks JM, You rock! I can't imagine what I would be doing right now without you." - Rebecca McKee
"Thanks, JoMarie.  This is just what I was hoping for." - L. Seifert
"I went out to your web site. It is very nicely done. It's sharp, sophisticated and quick.. Your webmaster did an excellent job." -P.G.
"Thank you JoMarie!!! Finally, I have found someone in the computer world that I can trust!" - Jimmie Jack Drath
"Did you read my mind? This was just what I was hoping for." - Barbara Totten
"You're a genius!" - Tom Walker
"I highly recommend JoMarie Thomson.  Her personal attention and extensive knowledge has made a huge difference in the traffic/response to our website." - Virginia Allen
"The website is FABULOUS! You did a great job -- I am impressed!" - M. Crawford
"I just started to update my site, but I've gotta tell you, I've never seen a better user interface... " Bill Thomson, TTG

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