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WordPress 5.0 release

New gutenberg editor

Today, WordPress 5.0 has been released for update. The new version of our favorite CMS has changed the default editor to the new content-editor Gutenberg.

Early this summer I tested the editor to get ready for this big shift. Personally I think the new block style editor slows down the process of building pages and is frustratingly clunky. Other reviewers are more generous.

Irregardless of my experience – the new editor is here.

The classic editor that most of my clients use will be available as a plugin until 2022. That is more than enough time to get used to the change.

What Now

I’m waiting until January to do the update on my websites. There have been reports of plugins and themes that are not ready for Gutenberg. By January I will have the time to do the research and take this project on one website at a time. If your website is very simple and you only use Gutenberg ready plugins – you should be ready to go.

Update: As of 12/13/18 WordPress 5.0.1 is available. Just another reason to wait a bit before doing a major update.

Update: 12/20/18 WordPress 5.0.2 is available.

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