Well, Google thinks that 3 is the magic number. I have to admit three results fit nicely on all my devices. If SEO wasn’t a big part of my job – I’d be thrilled with the new Google Local 3 pack.

They are still experimenting with what content will be included for each listing. Phone – no phone, hours – no hours, orange stars – red stars, there probably won’t be a ‘final’ design.

Here’s what matters to you:

  • Businesses  with good reviews are more likely to get into the three pack.

  • Businesses with good reviews are more likely to get a phone call.

  • The phone call conversion may be more valuable than a click through.

  • Your Google My Business photos should be kept up to date. Don’t have a My Business page? Get one yesterday.
Published On: September 15th, 2015 /

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