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Net Neutrality Needs a Yes Vote Now

The FCC threw American businesses under the bus by repealing net neutrality protections. Now  ISPs can block, slow, or charge new fees for “privileged” access to online content.

You are more likely to work for a business that needs an internet connection than one that doesn’t. Manufacturing, mining, utilities, medicine, security, transportation, shipping, banking, education, public safety, are just a few core online industries.

How can GCI or ATT possibly be qualified to prioritize internet access?

  • Imagine a request for medical information slow tracked so a music video can be sent to preferred customers.
  • Imagine a power outage in a remote community not reported because a village doesn’t have enough bandwidth to communicate with technical support in Anchorage.
  • Imagine your small business priced out of competition by a sweetheart deal between the ISP and its advertisers on a TV station they own.
  • And imagine trying to negotiate with every ISP in your market.

I understand why a telecom giant would lobby to put their interests ahead of ours. But I do not understand why the FCC bought it.

We need Senator Lisa Murkowski and Senator Dan Sullivan to support the CRA that will reverse the FCC’s decision. We need them to lead and Rep. Don Young’s support shortly after.

Net Neutrality is a pro-business vote.

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