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Mobilegeddon isn’t over

It’s not over – it’s just begun. Google rolled out the Mobile-Friendly Update on April 21st and no one is really sure what just happened.

Commonly known as “Mobilegeddon”, webmasters and SEO types spent March and April scrambling. Updating photos, testimonials or any other content was going to have to wait. Passing Google’s Mobile-Friendly test had top priority.

The good news is that Mobilegeddon was less an apocalypse than a frustration. Non-compliant websites were expecting a 50% drop in their traffic. Thankfully, no one is reporting anything so frightening.

Google has confirmed to Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz, that the mobile friendly algorithm is fully rolled out.

What you might not know is that Google’s robots are always busy reindexing the entire internet – including your website! This means that every time Google visits your site each page has to pass the test.

You could be facing mobilegeddon every time you update a web page.

Google might not have been to every page on your site, but you should be!

  • Test your pages after each publish. Does it still pass Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and Page Speed Test?

  • Check your site out on a smart phone. Do you see the “mobile friendly” label as part of your listing?

  • Use your site to accomplish visitor goals. Can you do every task on the phone?

You still have time to get your site ready.

On April 12, TechCrunch reported on their study showing 44% of Fortune 500 websites fail the Mobile-Friendly test. If these big companies with huge SEO budgets aren’t ready – you know that some of your competition will be behind as well. Make sure your site isn’t the last!

If your site does pass the test today breath a sigh of relief but don’t take it for granted. Test, tweak and test again. Now you’ll be ready for whatever else Google throws at us!

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