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Local Search in 2018

With the huge changes in how Google displays local search results you may be left wondering if your website still matters. On desktop and on mobile the results are now geared to giving the searcher all the information they want in a quick and simple format.

Search results on mobile can pull data from your website (if you’ve optimized for local). More often the results will be details from your Google MyBusiness account, Google Maps listing, your Google Posts, and Google Reviews.

There are new pitfalls with the new emphasis on Google’s own properties.

  • If searchers are using the contact information links from the knowledge box results you need to be responding and fast. Google does track that data. Google’s position is that a serious business cares enough to answer questions in a timely manner.
  • Reviews are a ranking signal bad reviews can move you down in the SERPs. Manage reviews by monitoring, answering and reporting fake reviews. (Note: Google looks at other review sites as well as their own.)
  • Google posts expire. You can’t write a bunch today and expect them to be relevant forever.

Only 2 out of 5 local searches on mobile result in a click through to a website. If you aren’t actively managing your Google tools you are missing out on traffic and business.

But yes, your website does still matter. Your website is one of the fastest ways to tell Google the information that will get the position zero results and a knowledge box before your competition. Schema code isn’t new but it is increasing in importance on your website tells the search engines exactly what your site and your pages are about. (I’ll be covering this topic in greater depth on other posts.)



If you want or need help leveraging Google tools or making sure your website is sending the necessary signals. Give me a call.

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