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Keynote News From SMX Advanced 2018


Fabrice Canel, Principal Program Manager, Bing @bing @facan

Bing is counting on the evolution of Search, multi-perspective answers offering different opinions in an intelligent model.

  • Search is becoming more conversational. Try searching for “stress management”. You will get a conversational reponse. “What do you want to know”. Bing is continuing to work on a natural question/response experience.

  • Search is becoming more visual. Carousels with images  and descriptions are popular formats for search results. The more information your page provides the more likely you will be in these premium spaces.

SEO is evolving too. Bing’s webmaster guidelines reflect those changes.

AI helps Bing solve Search but they are reaching out to the SEO/webmaster communities to share logs and actively work together to continue to build a better search engine.

The breaking news from Bing: Bing announced JSON-LD support (yay!) and enhanced AMP suppport via Bing AMP viewer rolling out this summer


Ilya Grigorik, Web Performance Engineer, Google

Ultimately it’s always about the user experience for Google. If your site isn’t optimized for your user it isn’t optimized for Google. The Mobile-First update is being rolled out and speed / UX is still the most important factor.

While Google isn’t breaking any news this morning, they are sharing some valuable tools. Use real world data to understand how your users and visitors are actually relating to your site. Google Chrome is collecting this data and offering Google Reports API for developers to work with. See: Chrome User Experience Report. New tools on PageSpeed Insights should make it clear what your pages need. Keep the user in mind and you’ll see that you haven’t really optimized your site if it is still too big and bloated.

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