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Big Shaker at Google?

Is it an earthquake or just a truck rumbling by? What we do know is that social media is on fire with SEO questions.

When  questioned directly  on Twitter, Google’s John Mueller’s response was a cryptic “Nothing specific, sorry — we’re always working to improve things!”

What should you be looking for?

  • Are your rankings going up only to tank the next day?
  • Is the change in rankings affecting your daily traffic?
  • Have you made any significant changes onpage SEO recently?
  • Has your incoming link profile changed?

Should we panic?

No. As John Mueller said – Google is always tweaking their algorithm. I suggest keeping an eye on the SERPS until we know what’s going on.

Find a safe spot and hold on.  If this is a big shake up we’ll dust ourselves off and get to work cleaning up soon.

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